We specialize in manufacturing and exporting Wooden Gifts , Boxes , Holiday Supplies , Home Decorations , Wooden Electronics , Wooden Fashion Accessory and customized wooden crafts

We are a 30years factory with 30000 designs and also work with many large companies in worldwide , Our Core market is Europe and North American .

We have a solid reputation for offering innovation, high quality & punctual delivery time for all customers ,worldwide. 


Our Wooden Products : 

 Wooden Gifts  , OEM & ODM Crafts , Wooden boxes, Wooden Festive Supplies, Home Decorations, Wooden Fashion Supplies ,Wooden  General Items ,  Wooden Accessories and more.


Don't hesitate to contact us, today, if you are interested in our products or need  a reliable,high quality partner to help develop new items. We wish to have a mutually beneficial & prosperous relationship with you.